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Kelly Jenkins
Dental Hygiene Clinic 

One More Reason to Smile


Teeth Cleaning

Dental hygiene treatment is very important for the overall health of our mouth. Plaque and tartar build up on our teeth surfaces and this accumulation can lead to infection if left on our teeth for long periods of time as it can irritate our gums and make them puffy and sometimes bleed. Our dental hygienist will clean the teeth gently and with compassion while also removing any stains that also build up on your enamel over time.  

Dental hygienists  also help prevent teeth from getting cavities and other issues like periodontal disease (mobile teeth and bone loss) by showing you how to brush more effectively and offer tips and tricks to keep your mouth in tip top shape!

Teeth Whitening

Fluoride Treatments

During the dental hygienist appointment we will also inform you if a fluoride treatment will be a best option for you. Dental fluoride treatments help prevent tooth decay, help reverse some demineralisation and also strengthen teeth. Fluoride treatments can also be recommended to individuals undergoing orthodontic treatment, and it may help  relieve the symptoms of sensitive teeth.

Children's Hygiene

Children's oral hygiene is an important part of their overall health. We can set them on the right path for a lifetime of excellent oral health by showing them the most effective way to take care of their teeth forming habits to last a lifetime.

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To get your smile back to looking its best, we offer teeth whitening. Over time, the natural aging process and drinking tea, coffee and red wine can stain our teeth. We will recommend a whitening method that best suits you.

Dental Services

Kelly Jenkins

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Registered Dental Hygienist

Dip Dent Hyg (Otago 2002)

Senior dental hygienist with over 19 years of dental hygiene experience. Clinical skills range from periodontal treatment to care of dental implants all while treating the patient with kindness and compassion.

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